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Centralize all your game achievements.

You have achievements in one or more games you are proud of?
But you're missing the overview of all your achievements because they are on different platforms (e.g. Steam,
And want to let your friends know, what you've already achieved but also observe their achievement career?

That's basically what Achievar does. Collecting all of your game achievements across different platforms and bringing them together on one platform. There you have the perfect overview over all those achievements and you will also be able to compare them with your friends'.

Achievement Toplist.
Battle with your friends

All achievements will receive a dynamic scoring which forms the foundation for the Toplist. The scoring depends on how many Achievar members already have the respective achievement and how many could possibly have it.
This in turn means that your Achievar score depends on other member's achievements, and makes unique, hard to get achievements even more valuable.
Be the player to range among the top 10 achievement hunters!

Create your own Achievements

In the near future, Achievar will also offer the possibility to create own achievements. These you can assign to friends for doing personal favors worthwhile of achievements in your eyes.
This is also a convenient tool for clans, to assign achievements within the group for special deeds concerning clan benefits.
Of course these achievements will receive a different scoring concerning the Toplist.

Please contact our support staff, if you're interested in using this feature.